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Providence Family Practice began in 1961 when Dr. L.V.Jowers and Dr. Sam Shannon joined to form a medical practice.  In 1978 the practice moved to its current location at 2750 Laurel Street, Columbia, S.C. and the name Providence Family Practice was adopted.  Dr. L.V. Jowers is deceased and Dr. Shannon has retired.  Although our practice is adjacent to Providence Hospital and shares a similar name we remain an independent medical practice. In 1978 Dr. Gregory Jowers joined Providence Family Practice and was an integral part of the success of this medical practice until his untimely death in 1998.  In 1982 Dr. Frampton Henderson joined the practice.  He was followed by Dr. Theodore Law in 1989, Dr. Jeremy Ambroziak in 2007 and Dr. Alan Henderson in 2012.

Providence Family Practice
115 Blarney Drive, Suite 212, Columbia, SC 2923